Rules for other IRC Networks

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Rules for other IRC Networks

Post by rajino » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:31 pm

Rules on requesting free znc connection to other networks.

1. For ipv6 capable networks only, we do not allow using our ipv4s.
2. By request only, please indicate the network's ipv6 capable server you want to connect to.
3. For existing free znc users, upon approval an additional network will be added to your znc accounts connected to the network server
you requested. For new free znc users, you will be given a znc account with 2 irc connections, 1 connected to the network where you made the request(either Dalnet or Undernet) and should stay on #pinoybnc for monitoring and 1 connected to the other network you requested.
4. You are not allowed to edit or replace the additional network, you have to request for revision.
5. You must use your znc once a week. Since you have two connections, you have to use both.
6. Do not use your bnc for any form of abuse. (spam, evading, impersonating,insulting, personal attacking, trolling or flaming etc.)
7. Sharing of an account is forbidden.
8. No illegal content. Do not use our service for anything illegal, such as file sharing, child pornography, fraud, etc.
9. Do not break any rule of the IRC networks your znc are connected to. This includes ban evading, spamming, repeated flooding, harassment of the network’s staff, or any other rules the network may have in place.
10. Keep our hosts clean. We know when an account is banned/z:lined/k:lined/etc.

Upon approval and release of ZNC, you have to change the initial nick and password, failure to change with in 24 hours will result in free znc cancellation.

We reserve the right to block, refused and remove user or services rendered deemed morally just.
Violation will result with instant BNC account cancellation without any notice and will be banned from the free service and other services from our network.


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